A few of my favorite things

I’m halfway through my second week in Nicaragua, and I thought I would just share a couple of the things that make life a little more sweet and a little more laughable here…

Our Tiny Pets:

Ok I know this isn’t the best picture, but this little guy is just one of the many, MANY geckos in our house.  At first they kinda grossed me out, but at this point they’re kind of fun.  I think it’s just one of the pleasures of living in a house where the indoors and outdoors are loosely defined; there are always little creatures around.

Nicaraguan Snacks:

What you see right here is called Pico, and it is in my top 5 favorite Nicaraguan foods.  Pico is basically a light flaky pastry that has crystally sugar and crumbly tiny cheese pieces inside.  It is so delicious.  I love it for breakfast with huevos, or basically any other time of the day.
Molasses is something I have always liked, but they do amazing things with it here.  Chocolate is just not a common treat here, but “instead”(I would argue that it is nowhere near an equivalent…) molasses is mixed with any combination of dried fruit, coconut, and finely chopped nuts.  These little treats mostly look like cat poo, but they’re actually delicious in small quantities.
Plantain anything is so so yummy.  Maduros,fried sweet plantains, any time of the day or night, or plantain chips with a little lime and salt, or tostadas, which in Nicaragua refers to green plantains that have been fried (sometimes boiled first) and smashed, and are often served with rice and beans or tortillas and refried beans.  Especially after enjoying plantains so much with Reggie’s family (sweet and fried, or cooked into delicious savory Haitian stews), I’ve really enjoyed learning to cook them in so many different ways.

This weekend I decided not to go to San Juan del Sur with everyone else from my group, because I’ve been pretty sick all week and could use the rest.  Hopefully another opportunity will arise in the coming weeks, because the beaches there are something I do not want to miss out on!

For now I’m going to go walk around campus a little bit and stretch my legs after this communication binge!  Hope you all in the states are having weather that is just as balmy but not so muggy as I’m enjoying here….

Muchos abrazos desde Nicaragua!!!


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  1. Reggie Carry
    Aug 15, 2011 @ 17:44:43

    thats how it is in florida errrrdayy…..


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