Ok, WordPress… you really have been the worst lately. The last few weeks, I’ve written a couple of my best posts yet. And through unfortunate WordPress errors, they ended getting deleted. WordPress, your instant draft saving system is a sham, and I’m done trusting you.

Speaking of things that are born out of frustration, today was Nicaragua’s election. There are so many things to say about that, and only a very few of which are mine to say. Today I traveled around the entire city for hours, from barrios to the national palace, to several universities, even to the mall and several national monuments, assessing the state of the city on this election day.
The city was unbelievably calm, perhaps more peaceful than I have ever seen it. This was a shock to me, after I was warned by many to not leave the house. Oh, the politics of fear.
Anyways, here are some photos I took of things that I saw today.
One thing I don’t have a photo of- wish I did!!!- is of a female taxista who drove me from UCA to the national palace today! In 3 months I have NEVER seen or heard of a woman taxista. Very interesting.

Flooded and trash infested shore of Lake Managua

Street art by UCA: "Long live the revolution of thought", and the blog address for a popular graffiti/tattoo artist who's work is visible all across Managua

Another piece of street art I saw today...Absolutely beautiful. More on all of this in another post though...


View from Managua of the lake and mountains. The pink billboard and Christmas lights hung everywhere are all part of Daniel Ortega's campaigning.


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