Things to find

So, the following is a list of things I am looking for! All of these are for craft projects that I either want to start, or have already started and can’t finish until I get…

-Cheese Grater (s)- the 3D ones with four sides, not the flat ones

-Clear incandescent bulbs- they don’t have to work

-String lights- they do have to work!

-Stuffing (or quilt batting)

-Felt- even small scraps, any colors whatsoever

-Old crayons (broken or not, any brand)

-Small glass jars (with or without lids), and by small I mean anything same size or smaller than a peanut butter jar

-100% wool anything- even little scraps

-old picture frames (almost any)

-old drawers

-those l-shaped shelf hardware things.  The ones that you attach right to the wall and they hold the shelf up


Wish me luck in finding all this stuff— I have high hopes, since Dump and Run, the annual event where students at my university are too lazy to clean through their items and dispose of or donate them properly so they just leave them in heaps around campus, is coming very soon!


22 days til I’m 22

Life since Managua has been busy, jumbled, and drastically different, but mostly wonderful.

I came back to the states December 2nd, and I won’t deny the tears that filled my eyes when I landed in O’Hare, saw all the Christmas decorations, and realized I was 1)home, and 2) Christmas was right around the corner.  Thank you Nicaragua, for confusing me by starting to celebrate Christmas in August.  

I spent a few weeks with my family in upstate NY, and I have been back in Chicago since early. January.  New apartment, new job, new classes.  In English this time, which is refreshing.  

Overall, this semester has been quite joy-filled.  Let me explain what happened.

Nicaragua was a wonderful country, I was just in a terribly disappointing program.  The frustrations with my program and living situation compounded with a painful break up, dislocated ankle, and pneumonia, led to an inability to write anything that wasn’t either completely negative and depressing, or something totally unrelated to the situation I was in.  Some of the latter was interesting, but not stuff I was prepared to post on the world wide interweb, so I just didn’t post anything at all. There were wonderful places and experiences and people for me in Nicaragua, it just turned out that the negative sometimes overwhelmed those positive things in a BIG way.

One highlight of this semester is a Creative Nonfiction class I’m taking, which has encouraged me to write, and so I’m back at it, and I have a lot to write about.  For one thing, I’ll be 22 in 22 days, which is halfway to 44, which, based on my family’s history, is well over halfway to dead.  So, there’s that.  

And so, let me list a few of the things that are on my mind right now- things that I will definitely be writing about in the coming weeks:

1) Birthday party theme ideas.  Must have something awesome. Any thoughts? Stoplight parties or anything having to do with business formal sluttery are an absolute NO.

2) This awesome project I’m working on which will result in a performance about stories of racism beyond the black and white conversation.  Very excited about it!!!

3)My transition into a diet free (or at least containing small tiny amounts of) corn and wheat.  OH Lawd help me.

4) The new sewing machine that my awesome mother bought for me for my upcoming birthday.  Oh, the adventures are on their way…

That’s what’s coming up. Werp.