Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

Thanks to Crowdtap, I had the chance to see the premiere of Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted at the AMC River East 21 theater this morning!  I begged Reggie to come with me, knowing that not many friends of mine are willing to hike downtown at 8:30 in the morning, to sit in a theater of children wearing rainbow wigs.  

We were both pleasantly surprised!  The 3rd Madagascar movie was my favorite yet!  It was in 3D, which made me weary, since my last 3D experience was the hugely disappointing in every way The Green Lantern.  But we settled into our reserved seats as the kids around us shrieked, giggled, and spilled popcorn everywhere in their excitement.  When the movie started at 10am, the laughs kept it moving!  I felt entertained every minute!  In the film, Marty, Alex, Gloria, and Melman try to make their way back to New York, and end up joining a circus in Europe, hoping to both be sent to the U.S., and also to avoid French Animal Control, as they are being tracked across the continent.  The new characters, particularly Sonia the Bear (bizarrely the one animal who can’t talk) and the Sea Lion Stefano, fit in well with the movie’s already established star-studded cast.  The circus scenes were something to behold, and brought the 3D appeal to a whole new level.  The story is strong, pushed by the constant prowl of French Animal Control Captain Chantel DuBois, but the one thing that loyal Madagascar fans may not like is that the new characters are so strong and entertaining, they at times overshadow Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman, the four who started it all.  Truly, I hope a spinoff comes out down the road featuring the new characters outside of the Madagascar context.  This was overall a delight and a very fun way to spend the day!  Thanks to Dreamworks and Crowdtap for offering this fun opportunity!



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