Collecting Cookbooks

Anyone have any advice on really solid high quality cookbooks?

In my efforts to cook healthier meals, and expand my culinary abilities, I am so overwhelmed by the internet.  Yes, you can find anything you would ever want on, but I swear less than 10% of those recipes are actually anything worth spending ingredients and time on.

A more experienced cookbook collector recommended, among others, James McNair and America’s Test Kitchen books.  I am definitely making steps to acquire some of these, but I would love to hear other opinions as well.

As far as websites go, probably the most dependable I have found is the recipes section at  The recipes I have tried there have always been delicious, ranging from Oatmeal Lace cookies with pistachios and cranberries ( to Cheddar Corn Potato Chowder ( which is one of the most crowd-pleasing soups I have ever made.  But their recipe selection is incomplete, and I’m looking for books that offer more dependable and consistent offerings.

So, any ideas?


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